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Marketing Agencies & Entrepreneurs

Are you a marketing agency that has a lot of clients asking for search engine optimization or PPC, but you don’t know how to help them? Or are you sick of working for the boss and would like to start your own internet marketing company? You may want to consider joining our SEO Reseller Program.

What is Our SEO Reseller Program?

In short, it’s contracting out any SEO needs on behalf of your client (s). You are still the go-to marketing agency for your client, but we work behind the scenes—using our Google certification and years of experience—to get your client increased rankings on the SERPs. Don’t like the idea of white-labeling? We can also work directly with your clients and send you a monthly commission check for the referral.

Why Resell SEO?

So why should you even bother with our SEO Reseller Program? After all, you can always just tell the client you don’t offer SEO services and send them on their way, right? Well, yes, you can, but it’s probably not a good idea for your marketing agency. Just take a look at the many benefits of our SEO reseller program and you will see why:


#1. Your Client Stays Put. Okay, so you tell your client you can’t provide SEO services, but you would still love to help them with their other marketing needs. What happens next? They start researching SEO companies, only to find out that these companies also offer a lot of the same services your marketing agency does. Maybe they are cheaper, maybe they aren’t, but one thing is clear, you don’t want your clients researching your competition!

#2  Your Client Thinks Highly of YouYour client already thinks you are the greatest when it comes to marketing, but will their opinion be changed when you tell them you can’t provide SEO services? Possibly. Is that really a chance you want to take? Probably not. Luckily, when you resell SEO, your client never has to know that you aren’t the one doing the work.

#3  Your Client’s Business Improves. Another reason to resell SEO is to help your client become more successful. When they improve their rankings, they gain more traffic. When they have more website visits, they make more money. When they make more money, they up their marketing budgets. Do you see where this is going?

#4  You Make More Money. If the success and happiness of your customer isn’t enough to sway you to take advantage of our SEO Reseller Program, how about the fact that you can make a residual commission? If you are providing them with more services, you charge more. Also, if white-labeling isn’t your thing, you can still get a bonus check every month just from sending your client our way.

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